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Re: NO working phone line in my new build house.

Hi TerryFoneless, 


Thanks for posting.


I’m sorry to hear that you have been given conflicting information regarding installation dates for your service. I can help you with this from here. Click on my username and under the "about me" section you'll see the link to get in touch with us.


Please include the link to this thread when you complete the form and whenever we've received your details we'll take it from there.





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If we have asked you to email us with your details, please make sure you are logged in to the forum, otherwise you will not be able to see our ‘Contact Us’ link within our profiles.

We are sorry but we are unable to deal with service/account queries via the private message(PM) function so please don't PM your account info, we need to deal with this via our email account 🙂
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Re: NO working phone line in my new build house.

Hello Everyone


We at last after 8 months 98 emails and 5 1/2 half hours of phone calls had our line connected with BT. The engineer came round at just after 1 pm toady. Its a massive relief that we can now work from home again.

Unfortunately the engineer wasn’t happy to do anything other than connect us to the Buckingham exchange. Its a real kick in the teeth we had a email that said the following.....


What'll happen on the day


Every installation's a bit different, but your engineer should:


agree with you where to put your new kit and cables (inside, and possibly outside, your home)


work inside your home (but not in loft spaces), and possibly at your local exchange or in the street, to set everything up


run cables along walls or skirting boards (they can't go under carpets or floors) and maybe drill some holes(they'll do this as carefully as possible)



My fiancée ask him to run a cable from the phone socket to our hallway (about 4 meters from the phone outlet)

But the engineer refused saying that it was not his job he was just there to connect us to the exchange?


We also asked him to check and make sure the phone socket in our bedroom and make sure that too was now connected to the exchange.

Again the engineer said it wasn’t up to him and we need to talk to our home supplier Bellway?


So yes we are happyish but still the awful services continues from BT.

I really thought after all we’ve had to go through they would bend over backwards to make us happy.


I’m not letting this one go until we’ve got exactly what we have asked / Paid for.

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Re: NO working phone line in my new build house.

One of the mods here kindly looked into my case (6 months without a telephone or internet connection) and told me last week that an engineer would come this morning. I told him that there was little point an engineer coming because the works in the road had not been carried out. He checked with the escalations team and was assured the works were all complete and I would be connected on Monday. The engineer turned up this morning, and was surprised to find that the works had not been completed and he could not connect us. This is the third time this has happened. What a shambles. Still no connection.

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Re: NO working phone line in my new build house.

One month and several engineers' visits later, and we're still not connected. Apparently the works are being done this weekend (although I've heard that one before). Still... here's hoping!

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Re: NO working phone line in my new build house.

They failed to do the works over the weekend as promised. I can't say I'm surprised. But I am very annoyed, because I warned them it wouldn't be possible without putting cones out in the road beforehand... they then turned up and said they couldn't do the work because no one had put cones in the road. My neighbour has just been given a target date of 29 August for connection. So sounds like we won't have a phone until autumn, which will be 8 months from when we moved in. My MP is now involved, so I'm hoping he can get a better result.

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Re: NO working phone line in my new build house.

It took an age for our line to be installed.

BT came good in the end even though we waited such along time for the installation the services since has been very good.


You MUST document all the delays and time off work you’ve had when its time to negotiate your compensation package. I’m not great at things like that and although I cant tell you they exact amount of money I received from BT I can tell you it paid for mine and my fiancées summer holiday and our spending money.





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Re: NO working phone line in my new build house.

Hi 'thejaychild', been having exactly the same issues and now I am speaking with newspapers and looks like I am also getting an appointment with watchdog. In all my years on this planet, i have never dealt with such an imbecilic company who portray such disorganised chaos on so many levels. I have been put from pit to post on several occasions and have also been fed lies and STILL, I AM NO FURTHER FORWARD. I have spent so much of my time on something so trivial and have had to resort to contacting the press. Please someone from BT, CONTACT ME, resolve this issue!!!


Just echoing familiar stories which have been posted on this forum from 2012 and possibly earlier, why BT are STILL operating in this manner, I have no idea. Clearly customer feedback on this forum (and through other channels) just falls on deaf ears. Moved into a new build, next door neighbour have had BT installed, site is ready, cables are running into house, all I need is an engineer to turn up at my house, have spent two whole days (days I have taken off work) waiting in for engineers NOT to turn up then spent hours speaking with customer services in India getting nowhere, enginerring team feeding them lies, whole process is completely disfunctional. So many customers with same issue.


Sort it out BT, someone from the UK, please call me to resolve. Send an engineer to my door.

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Re: NO working phone line in my new build house.

Hi darrfalco,

Welcome and thanks for posting. I'm really sorry you're having problems. I can look into this for you if you wish. Drop me an email with the details. You'll find the "contact us" form in the about me section of my profile. Once I have the details we'll take it from there.



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Re: NO working phone line in my new build house.

Hello guys,

I'm going to move in early/mid december. I'm wondering whether:

1) Everything has finally been sorted out in Windsor Park
2) Are you guys getting "standard" broadband or fibre? (either FTTC or FTTP)

Any update would be very much appreciated since I work exclusively from home and I must make sure I have connectivity once in or I'd need to put in place satellite broadband (very expensive)
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Re: NO working phone line in my new build house.

Hi Wayne
As far as I'm aware all line work to the site has been completed so any new homes should just need a standard engineers instillation. Unfortunately it's just standard broadband at the moment. I was told fibre would be becoming available next summer. The speed isn't too bad at the moment.
I would suggest booking your installation at the beginning of November to avoid any waiting when you've moved in.
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