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Re: New phone line

Right.... now I AM angry!! It has now been over 10 weeks since I was promised my phone line. Since then I have had numerous visits from engineers which have included the pavemnet being dug up outside my house and half the road closed off, work "at the exchange", 4 surveys and today an engineer arriving to do the final bit of work in my home (involving a morning off work) only to be told he cannot do it because there is no cable running to my house from the vast new BT manhole that is now right outside my front door.


Seriously now. Who can I complain to about this? Please can someone give me a serious suggestion?


Ofcom will be getting a letter today but where do I contact senior management at BT?

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Re: New phone line

the forum mods be able to help when they read your post or at least find out what's happening

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Re: New phone line

The CEO of Openreach is Olivia (Liv) Garfield.  An email address for her is not hard to find online (but I do not know if it is correct).


Ofcom do not accept personal complaints.

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Re: New phone line

Hi Simo2013,


I can take a look at your order to see what is happening. Please can you send me in your details using the link found in the "About Me" section of my profile?





Community ModeratorPaddyB
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Re: New phone line


I have purchase a broadband package from BT and asked for a phone line to be installed. 2 months down the line they have cancelled my order (without me asking them to do this) and say that they wont install the line. I am in a semi-detached, next door have phone, people opposite do. I just don't know what to do, can BT just refuse to put in a line and cancel my order (I have paid for line rental). They say it is impossible to put the line in but not explained why (the engineer did come and put the line in the house, its something to do with the external line). Please help, I just have reached the end of my tether, how can they just cancel my order without even telling me that they are going to or why??


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