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New property, no line from pole

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We're in the process of buying a refurbished and extended house.   The house was previously connected to the local exchange via a cable from the nearest pole, however the cable was removed and coiled up at the pole end prior to the house being rendered.


We're now close to completion and I have been looking at the process for ordering broadband.   There is obviously no cable now between the pole and the house.   Will BT re-connect the cable to the house?   Will they replace the wire and if so is this a good thing?   The original cable would have been installed in the 1950's when the property was originally built.


Finally, how best should I approach resolving all of this with BT?   I am [respectfully] doubting customer services will know what I am talking about ...



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Re: New property, no line from pole

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Make an order for the product or products you want, ( phone, or phone and broadband) ,and they give you an install date, but  there is a good chance that at some point before , you will be told 'we don't need to visit , we can provide service 'remotely ', even though you know this is wrong.

What will probably then happen, is before the job is closed, they 'test' the connection, and see it tests 'disconnected' and raise an early life failure, and send an engineer, or they book the job off without a test, and you have to call, ( from another line or mobile) saying the install date has passed and the line doesn't work...they then send a 'faults' engineer.


The chances are, rather that trying to reinstall the coiled drop wire back onto your property, the engineer will renew it, but it's not guaranteed, you could always wait until the engineer calls and ask for a 'new' drop wire.


If it's a 'fault' report from you rather than an early life fail, they will arrange an appointment , so you know when they will be calling, if it's an ELF, then it could be pot luck if you are in, and if you are not in, they will probably leave a card asking you to call to arrange a date.


You could always try explaining in advance that there is no longer a wire to the property, and you need a full install and not 'remotely brought into service' but even if they say that's what they will order, it's still quite likely you will get a text saying 'we don't need to visit' , If you don't give a mobile number when applying, then obviously they cannot text you.