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No Dial tone with 'standard' phone cable



I have a master phone socket by the front door of my house and a 'slave' socket in the front room.

The slave socket has degraded/stopped working properly, and there is huge amounts of noise on the phone line.

If I connect the phone directly to the Master socket, it is fine, no noise.


So, I bought a 10m Standard Telephone cable from an internet supplier to connect the phone to the master socket, and run it through to the front room.


The Standard telephone cable will not give me a dial tone with my phone.

So I tried another spare phone, still no dial tone.


So I thought that I had made a mistake and bought the wrong cable.

So I nipped down to Currys and bought another 10m Telephone cable, which cost 4 times the price of the first one!


This second cable won't work either.


So I returned to Curry's and was told that these are indeed a 'Standard telephone cable' and there are no other types available, so the problem must be BOTH of the telephones that I was trying.


So I bought a new cordless phone and charged the battery, and now that new phone doesn't work either.


Looking at the short cable that I have that DOES work in all 3 phones, it only has 2 gold contacts/pins at either end of the cable in the RJ11 and the 'BT' connector.

Both of the 2 new cables I have bought have 4 contacts/pins in use at each end.


The 2 new cables will not work whether I use the ADSL filter, or plug them straight into the master socket with no filter.

It makes no difference.

I have also removed the cover from the Master socket and tried them using the Test Socket, still no joy.


The only cable that works with any of the phones, is the one that only has 2 pins in the sockets at either end.


Why is this happening? I am tearing my no-existant hair out now......



dazed and confused.






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Distinguished Sage
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Re: No Dial tone with 'standard' phone cable

This website may help with the wiring.

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