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No Dially Tone - Amusement Day

To day my Internet connection was lost, on checking I found there was no dialling tone to any of my phones. I used my mobile to contact BT and this is where the fun begins:


I explained to the problem with the phone to the Lady who answered the phone and I had checked all sockets including the master socket - no dailling tone.

I was asked why it was not working and was I speaking to her using the landline from my home?

I explained - again - the problem....................the line is dead, no dialling tone, I`m ringing using my mobile phone.

I was asked again, why do I have no dialling tone?


This is where I gave up and hung up. No wonder people complain about BT Smiley Mad


Eventually the phones came back on.


BT, sort yourself out Smiley Frustrated



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Re: No Dially Tone - Amusement Day

just take a deep breath and try again
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Re: No Dially Tone - Amusement Day

I'm in the same boat but when I called an automated system ran a test on my line and found there was a fault. I've been told it may take a week to be fixed though
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