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Re: No Phone but have Broadband???

this link will explain more about how Openreach operates as an independent company dunner OFCOM rules BT Retail gets no preferential treatment as all communication provider have to be treated equally
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Re: No Phone but have Broadband???

Slight deviation from the subject title perhaps, but the same vein.

I have a phone and broadband but my problem is the phone line is not mine!

The situation arose with the installation/setup of BT broadband yesterday. It would appear a case of crossed lines.

I made several attempts to have the system checked out with the automated help line but the response each time was 'line checked and OK'. The fault was not recorded. It took several phone calls (using the other persons line) to get my problem accross to BT. I now have an engineer calling in 5 days time to check my system out. Will the usual threat of a £99 charge of course. Can crossed lines occur through a problem in my in-house installation?

An issue here would be the accounting of calls made on the lines involved.

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Re: No Phone but have Broadband???

If you only have one line, then the fault has to be external to your house.


You can find out the number by dialling 1470 17070, then you can tell BT what it is, so that Openreach can sort it out.


I assume that your phone line is not a new line?



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Re: No Phone but have Broadband???

The line will test ok as the BT test system is testing your phone number and if someone else has your number it is their line that is being tested and the chances are that the line will test ok. If you are reporting the fault make sure you report it as crossed lines as in this situation the line is not normally tested. As Keith says if you can get the number you have by dialing 1470 17070 this should help openreach locate the line. Have you tried ringing your own number and see if someone else answers?
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