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No dial tone. Live chat not working.

I switched to BT after being fed up that my line kept going down with talk talk and it was like talking to a brick wall and they would take over a month to fix it. I let BT know my line was down and that was the reason for switching and was told it wouldn't be a problem. My services were supposed to start on 3rd of December however they haven't and after having trouble with the delivery of my equipment where the delivery driver didn't even try to access my Building and left the calling card in the mud outside, I still have no dial tone. The fault was raised and I was told it would be fixed on Thursday the 6th and the tracking on my account shows this however it still doesn't work. I tried live chat today and yesterday however it keeps disconnecting me and saying that live chat is closed. I'm very upset and disappointed that I'm still having trouble with my landline and broadband even after switching my services. I need updates on the fault please.
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Re: No dial tone. Live chat not working.

Welcome to this user forum.

Ring 0800 800 151 on a mobile, to teport a fault. The line would  be the same pair of wires that you had with TalkTalk, so any fault, would still be there.

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