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No dial tone



Over the course of the last few days I seem to be having a number of issuses with both my phone and boradband and was just curoious as to if anyone had any suggestions. 


The phone I have is a BT 4500 Cordless phone with answering machine, and at present it constantly shows "Please Check The Line Cord" message. Now I've done the obivous and tried a new wire, changed the ADSL filter and plugged it into the test socket, yet I still recieve this message. 


So this has led me to try every other socket in the house along with another phone entierly. With the BT phone I get the same message and with anthoer phone I just get nothing, no tone or anything. 


One thing I have noticed though is that a few days before I started getting issues with the phone my broadband was constantly disconnecting (just getting the orange light) for an hour or so at a time. Funnily enough always at the same time of night 7-8pm. 


This is something that has gotten worse as the days have passed and is happening with greater frequency. I did get on to the support team via Twitter and they gave me a link to check for faults, which claims everything is perfectly fine. So does anyone have any ideas on how I can check whether this is an internal or external fault before I have to phone the support team and inevitably go through all of these troubleshooting steps once again? 

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Re: No dial tone

testsocket2.jpghave you tried at the test socket if no dial tone is there then you need an engineer visit

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Re: No dial tone

If you've tried the test socket with two different phones, then the fault can't be in your wiring (because you disconnected it by using the test socket).


The BT automated line checker is not reliable.  If you have no dial tone  at all, report it as a fault, whatever the line test says.

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