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No landline. for nearly 2 weeks

On Saturday 18th of July, our home phone-line died as I couldn't connect to my PC remotely which I have to do when I'm on holiday.  I naturally assumed that it may have been a power cut or something as it's happened in the past.

When I arrived back in the UK on Tuesday 21st, I talked to the neighbours, some of whom also lost their landline service on Saturday morning, but also said there were problems on Friday evening as well.

I went online and ran the fault tracker and it said there was no fault, so I went to online chat (on my iPad as I have mobile data) and was told there was no fault on the line.  So I called and got through to the call centre who also told me there was no fault on the line and that if I wanted an engineer to come out then there would be a £129.99 charge if I was found to be at fault.

Seeing as I wasn't the only person on the street to have the fault I was confident that it wasn't within the house so I booked the engineer, who wouldn't be out till the 23rd.


The engineer arrived and, after a very quick test of my line and the local cabinet, told me that the fault was indeed with the pole and that someone would come out and sort it (he thought it might be lightning damage).  However that wouldn't be for at least a week as the pole would need to be replaced

Unbenownst to me at the time, it seems that someone did inspect the pole on the Monday (20th July) and told a neighbour that it would need to be replaced.  Why the call centre and the engineer who came to my house didn't know anything about this, I have no idea.

So, I have no landline and no broadband still.  I've diverted my phone to my mobile so I can get calls, but have had to go out and get a mobile wifi unit (at a not so reasonable cost) so that I can get online as I need to work from home.

On Wednesday (29th July), my mobile rang with BT's number.  However, I didn't get to it on time.  So just as I was about to call back, it rang again.  Answering it, I was told by the call centre that my fault would be resolved as the engineering team would be out on the 31st to carry out whatever work needed to be done.  Great news!  When I finished the call I saw there was a voicemail from BT and on listening, there was a message from the person I had just spoken to saying that he wanted to update me on my fault, but as I hadn't answered he would call me on my mobile.  In that case he must have phone my landline first which doesn't work!!

We're now on the 31st at just before 11am and there is no sign of BT anywhere in the vicinity, and I have to assume (because I would imagine that replacing a telegraph pole is a big job) that we aren't going to see any work done today.  Which probably also means that we won't see any work till Monday at the earliest, meaning that several people on our street will have been without a landline for over 2 weeks.

I would really like to just have a date of when the engineers are coming out so that I can work to that, not just a moving deadline just like the fibre rollout (which is another matter entirely, but don't get me started on that one).  That way at least I can plan my actions accordingly.

I would also like to know how I go about applying for compensation.  Not only for the line rental I'm paying, but for the broadband monthly fee that I'm paying to PlusNet for a broadband line I can't use and for the cost of the router and additional mobile data I have had to purchase in order to be able to function properly and work so that my customer's service isn't interrupted in the way mine has been.

If anyone out there has any answers to these questions, I'd be more than grateful for that information.

Many thanks in advance,


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Re: No landline. for nearly 2 weeks

The phone lines are maintained by Openreach.  While they are owned by BT Group plc, they are run completely independently of BT's retail telephones - the people you pay the bills to.  That means that BT retail isn't responsible for your loss of broadband.  You need to claim any refunds for that from your broadband provider.


If you want to claim anything beyond the lost line rental, have a read of this page

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Re: No landline. for nearly 2 weeks

Thanks for that. However my broadband provider isn't responsible for the loss of service and points me straight back to BT. If I try to go anywhere on OpenReach, they point me straight back to BT retail as well, so it's not looking good, is it?
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Re: No landline. for nearly 2 weeks

And now I've just had a phone call from BT saying that it will be another week until an engineering team 'should' be out to fix the problem.


This is just beyond unbelievable!

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Re: No landline. for nearly 2 weeks

Hi Russ,

This is not unbelievable as I have been without a phone line for 5 weeks now because an engineer cut my line off to get my neighbour working and there are no spare lines in the ducted cable, a crew came out to replace said cable but replaced with another cable of same capacity so the connection engineer couldn't get us going again but still went back to open reach and having explained the situation signed us off as job done! New engineer coming out tomorrow but he will have to report not enough spare lines in underground cable. The annoying part is that open reach can't be contacted and BT just log you in as another job and tell you they're sorry for the inconvenience.

Some interesting info on claiming compensation but its tempting to just dump BT for good,move provider and tell the press why. Joe.

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Re: No landline. for nearly 2 weeks


if there are no spare line then unless you have cable in your area there is no point in changing provider as they all use the same Openreach network
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Re: No landline. for nearly 2 weeks

Been without a line for 5 days, and BT has told me they can't even give me an update until the end of the week.


A former BT colleague has told me that the practice of robbing a working line to give to a neighbour happens, but I didn't believe it.


My fault occured after two BT vans visited a neighbour... so it sounds plausible...





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Re: No landline. for nearly 2 weeks

that is certainly not regular practice
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Re: No landline. for nearly 2 weeks

Spoken to a former BT engineer who tells me that if they are up against time pressures and there are no spares, this does happen.

He suspects it's likely in this case as BT working on neighbour's property. Disconnections quick to fix, but new cable from cabinet isn't, hence the "ask for an update in a week" response...
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