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No phone calls no broaband NO BT #help

Phone and broad band worked for a week when i m moved in then failed, i have been calling BT for 3 days now and they are insisting its my wiring even though when my number is called it says not recognised which i obviusly not my internal wiring fault.


I did find the 17070 number which is giving me a number thats not mine !!


reported again the issue and i as told crossed line possible and they would call back in 30 mins and have not called back..small thing you may say ..but after 3 days of this and BT saying they would call back 4 times and nothing happening its becomes frustrating especially when you work form home and need your broadband


How How How do you get someone to take ownership and do what they say they will do..




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Distinguished Sage
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Re: i have used to 17070 and it ginves me the wrong number

Sound like you have a crossed line. What happens if you ring your number, does someone else answer?

If they do, ask them what number they thought they were on.


Report it to BT as not receiving incoming calls, but tell them someone else is getting them instead.


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