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No phone or broadband for one month and no fix in sight

Our line went dead on 23rd December. We have had no end of excuses about why it hasn't been fixed and we are getting desperate because we both work from home and rely on broadband.


We know there is a fault in the cable along the road outside but we have been given all sorts of excuses and lies from Openreach. These include waiting for a survey, waiting for permission to use traffic lights, the fault is above ground, the fault is underground,they need permission to cut trees (even when they said it was underground??), bad weather... the list is endless. They have told us there is someone working on it now, yesterday, there will be tomorrow. It is an absolute disgrace. We have just been told that it will be well into February before it will be fixed. How long does it take to fix a piece of wire in this day and age?


What makes the situation crazy is that our neighbour subsequently had a fault and they reported it to their supplier (talk-talk) and the openreach engineer came that day and fixed their fault which is in the same cable!! The engineer told them there are many spare pairs in the cable but BT have refused to swap us onto a different pair.


Any help appreciated.

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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Re: No phone or broadband for one month and no fix in sight

Hi jplongw,

Welcome to the forum.

We can check this fault for you, can you send over your details? You can find our "Contact us" link by clicking on my username, it's on the top-left of my profile page.

Community ModeratorStephanie
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