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Noisy phone line, here we go again......

Hi, all,

I'm new here, so please be gentle!

We've been going round and round on this one for over a year, wonder if anyone has any new suggestions....

Basically, we have an intermittent crackle on our land line. Been going on for ages now.

We've had all sockets rewired and replaced, external cables changed, and the cable pair back to the pillar swapped.

Thing is, despite 4 or 5 visits, an engineer has never heard the noise. I've been onto faults and explained this to the nice lady in Bangalore, and all they can do is send an engineer, depite the fact it's obviously nothing local.

We had the same issue when we were with Virgin for phone service, which suggests to me (an old IT engineer) that the issue must be between the pillar and the exchange, but what do I know?

Apart from looking for coreallations with weather, time of day, phase of the moon and sunspot activity, I don't see anything else I can do to avoid some poor engineer arriving, running a quiet line test and leaving again.


Any suggestions?


Thanks, Phil


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Re: Noisy phone line, here we go again......

all you can do is persist with engineers until it is resolved
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