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Openreach Data Incorrect



I have been for the past 6 weeks trying to get a telephone line installed. I have tried with many providers, including BT and it fails as Openreach have a active line which can not be transferred recorded for my property. The line is not active as there is not a dialing tone when I pick up my phone. Why would my line at Openreach be in such a state?


I moved out of my property in June 2013 and had my BT Line disconnected. Property has been vacant until 30 Dec 2014 when I tried to get the line reconnected.


I have spoken to BT, Plusnet, Virgin, Sky, EE, Talk Talk, all of who claim not to hold my line. None of these comapnies have been able to tell me who 'owns' my line - some seemingly just mentioning other random companies.


I have spoken to OfCom who advise BT should be able to take any line over, but seemingly this is not the case. The lady at BT Retail - Execute Level complaints is struggling as well to provide me with the details who owns my line, and says Openreach can not transfer it.


All providers, including BT, just cancel my order and seem unable to assist any further - surely this can not be the case.


Openreach seem to be a little black box that is untouchable to the general public. I am sure a quick 5-10 minute talk with them would resolve this issue ... but can I get a telephone number??? No!!!! Instead I have racked up over 44 hours of phone calls to various providers and OfCom and seem to be getting no where.


Openreaches data is obviously wrong. Surely they have a duty to correct incorrect data (not sure if this is covered by the DPA act) How do I get this done ... there is no active line to my property, and has not been since June 2013 ... how do I get this simple fact corrected.


Any help or suggestion is appreciated as after 6 weeks I am running out of ideas ... and no I live in a leasehold apartment, so getting an additional line installed as has been suggested in a non-starter.


As for their idea of doing detective work with all the ISPs ... really is that feasible?

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Re: Openreach Data Incorrect

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.


They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are a UK based team of people, who take personal ownership of your problem.

Once you get a reply, make sure that you are logged into the forum, then click on their name, you will see a screen like this. Click on the link as shown below.
Please do not send them a personal message, as they may not be on duty for a long time, and your message will not be tracked properly.

For your own security, do not post any personal details, on this forum. That includes any tracking number you are give.

They will respond either by phone or e-mail within 5-6 working days.
Please use the tracked e-mail, to reply, not via the forum. Thanks








This is the form you should see when you click on the link. If you do not see this form, then you have selected the wrong link.
When you submit the form, you will receive an enquiry number, so please keep a note of it





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Re: Openreach Data Incorrect

Hi stevese25, 


Thanks for posting! 


It certainly sounds strange that no-one can help get your line activated. Can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile and I will be in touch. 




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Re: Openreach Data Incorrect

OlgaC ... done

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