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Openreach connection fee


After being quoted £70 for a new connection (after expecting £130 I was pleased with this) I have now just found out the charge is over £3,000 and thats with me doing my own ducting work to the house! I have read the first £3-£5,000 is usually absorbed but this doesn't seem to be the case here. Do not see how the charge can be £130 to use arial cable but then charge me over £600 for cable for me to duct to my property?! The £300 or so survey fee leaves a very bad taste as well as I informed the the call centre this is not s atraight forward connection before the engineer came out and it was my builders that suggested the connection method now proposed by BT. Any advice much appreciated.




Rob Wilson

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Re: Openreach connection fee

It's not clear what you have been quoted for providing service.

If your property cannot be served from Openreach's existing network, by normal means , you still have a right under the USO to service, but not at any cost....anything over the first £3400 construction costs are paid by the person requesting service, excess costs will in most case be based on overhead service , underground is much more expensive and if insisted upon, obviously the difference between the two is also paid by the person requesting service.

Paying a deposit of around £300 is quite a new thing , presumably to put off time wasters who would get a bespoke quote for these type of buildings with no real intention of progressing the order, a survey and bespoke estimate costs OR to supply, so it shows good faith on the requesters part if they are willing to accept this upfront cost, it is deducted from any final cost , should the order proceed .

If you agreed to this survey cost, then presumably you will have seen a survey officer and discussed the options for service, if you were able to dig a trench from the property to the boundary with the public road/footpath, the survey officer would normally arrange for a length of armoured cable to be delivered , for you to 'install' then the construction costs are normally reduced to only that part that would be still be needed in the public highway , (to connect the cable you install with existing line plant,) but if the nearest line plant is still 100's of metres away from the point to where you could dig a trench to, the costs will obviously still be considerable , perhaps you can give an idea of distances etc.

No doubt you will be paying considerable sums to get electricity, water , and gas to the property, why wouldn't you expect to pay  for phone in the same way as other utilities ?, I'm guessing the other utilities don't give you a £3400 contribution 

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Re: Openreach connection fee

If you want some good advice do not use armoured cable. I can virtually guarantee you will regret it, especially if and when they bring FTTP to your area.

Have it ducted correctly, that way when they do bring FTTP to your area they’ll be able to easily rod and rope the Fibre Cable through the duct and not have to either dig up your driveway or stick a pole at the end of it!
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