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On Friday my neighbour has a BT line installed as she got sick of Virgin. When I left the house the 'Kelly Communications - working on behalf of Openreach - working on behalf of BT' Engineer was up the telegraph pole outside of our houses. Thought nothing of it.


Came home to find no phone dial tone, no broadband, no vision, nothing! 


Now forgive me for being cynical, however, it would appear that this 'Engineer' has disconnected our line while connecting up the new one.


Anyone come across anything like this before as I simply cannot get my head around it. Nor BT's response that it will take until wednesday to fix and I have to fill out claim form to recoup the cost of topping up my mobile dongle, the only thing allowing me to continue using the Internet.


The real cost is the loss of Peppa Pig on catch up TV to my two year old daughter which no 'claim sheet' can ever compensate for!



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Re: Openreach!

The engineer wouldn't have had to disconnect your line to connet another, chances are he knocked out the pairs for your line by mistake and didn't notice what he had done.


The Wednesday they mentioned is just the standard three working day commitment they give on all fault reports, chances are it might be fixed tomorrow, unless the engineers in your area are really busy then it might take longer.


Also where you mention, 'I have to fill out claim form to recoup the cost of topping up my mobile dongle'.


What the operator was probably talking about was an Actual Financial Loss form, which I doubt you can claim for because if you check the T&C's you can only claim it against your phone service, not broadband and you can also only claim it if the fault is fixed outside of the three working day commitment I mentioned above. Your best bet to get the top up money back for your dongle is to try and get it credited via a goodwill gesture from BT.

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Re: Openreach!

Thanks for the reply.

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