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My Grandfather moved into a new property over the Christmas period and was booked in to get his phone and internet sorted last week (which is ridiculous that it takes that long anyway).  Inevitably, the appointment was cancelled due to the snow.  What is absolutely DISGUSTING is that his new appointment isn't until the 14th Feburary (inevitably, that will probably be cancelled for some other excuse).  When we've called up, what the 'customer service' team fail to understand is that this is a vulnerable man in his eighties with no other source of communication (mobile phone signals are not good there and even if they were, he wouldn't be able to use it).  We have no way of contacting him to check he is ok and given his current medical status, this is not ideal.  


Can someone please explain to me why this is the case?  I'm sure if it was a relative of one of the 'customer service' team, then it would be recitifed almost immediately.  This is NOT the first time we've had issues with BT, my mother went without a phone/internet for nearly 7 weeks with barely an apology.

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Re: Outraged

Hi rachel15,


Please note that the work being done on your line is done by Openreach (or a Sub contractor on behalf of Openreach)

Openreach maintain and fix the lines for all ISP/communication providers, even though Openreach is a division of the BTplc Group they run under their own protocols and have to treat all ISP/communication providers equally. So BT Retail [your ISP/communication provider] do not get any special treatment.


Openreach have had a backlog of work due to bad weather conditions over the last few months, this has caused installation and repairs to take much longer than normal to complete. There may also be other reasons as to why it has taken so long, eg technical problems.


If you would like to contact the BT Care Team on your Grandfather behalf (with his permission) by clicking on the link below, they can have a look into your account to see what's happening. 


Contact BT Care Team


The BT Care Team are a BT UK Based specialist team who have a good reputation for solving customer problems.


Once contacting them they will reply either by phone or email within 3 working days, however you will be given a tracking number immediately after sending the request. Please take note of this.


Also for future reference if your Grandfather is eligible for the Free Priority Repair service it may help in the future, Here is more information: Free Priority Repair Scheme information


Hope that helps,


jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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