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Paltry Compensation

I had been without a phone line for two weeks.  I rang BT to ask for some compensation and was offered £8.29 - the cost of 2 weeks line rental.  What a joke!  I have had to use my PAYG mobile for the whole of the 2 weeks and racked up quite a sum.  Also nobody was able to get through to us and the 1571 message box was full after 2 days, so for 12 days no-one could leave a message.

When I asked to an increased sum, I was told that I would have to request a "Financial Loss Pack", although they couldn't send me one out, as their systems were down, so I would have to ring later in the day and order it.  Apparently, I will have to provide receipts etc for all the phone calls that I have made from my mobile.


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Re: Paltry Compensation

Due to BT's incompetence, I've been without a phone line for coming up to three months.  I was offered £25 as a "goodwill gesture"  I told them this insulting.  Haven't heard any since.  So much for BT customer care!

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Re: Paltry Compensation

Compensation or Customer Service Guarantee Scheme (CSGS) as it's known in BT is standard and is only paid when commitment has been exceeded.

Commitment being they have till the end of the next working day plus two days before it will start to be paid.

That means with a fault reported on a Monday the commitment is by the end of the Wednesday. CSGS then starts on the Thursday.

A fault reported on a Thursday would have up to and including the Tuesday before CSGS is paid.

Actual Financial Loss can also be claimed once the fault has exceeded commitment. This is for you to be reimbursed for costs due to the delay in repair. Mobile call charges can only be claimed after the fault has exceeded commitment by 5 days.

As BT doesn't guarantee a fault free service, CSGS is paid for delay in repair and not the fault.

CSGS is generally a daily rental credit which is how much you pay per day for the line. If you've had a divert on the line then you would not be entitled to a daily rental credit but recieve a mobile call allowance. This works out at about a £1 a day.

Goodwill is outside these terms and accepting it prevents you from claiming under AFL.

Hope this helps
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