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Phone Line Crackling



I ordered BT infinity and was installed in December, however since its been installed i have noticed my BT hub going offline and online several times a night which is infuriating.  I noticed that the phone line now has a crackle on it, ive read a few things on the board that im going to try tonight plugging into the test socket and trying the phone on another port.  however im wondering whether its normal practice when getting infinity that a new faceplate to be installed as part of the package.  I was not given the option i was told that everything could be done without a site visit.  I know my mother in law had a similar problem with broadband going off, she had to pay £35 to get someone on site to put a new faceplate on that apparently fixes this.  Wondering why we have to pay an extra £35 that should be part of the job surely.


Ive been told no line faults by the chat (surprise surprise) its a bit funny, as i was with EE before and never had a crackle on the line.

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Re: Phone Line Crackling

you need to try quiet line test from test socket using new filter  it is happening more often that infinity 1 is self install and even infinity 2 sometimes  the master socket with filter should work ok


quiet line test  dial 17070 option 2  best with corded phone  if cordless dull hum normal


if still crackle report phone fault to 151

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