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Re: Phone Numbers recorded on 1471

I know, it happened the other day to my Mrs, she went to call her mum, realised after it rang twice that she called the wrong number so hung up and called the right one. Like all other women out there she was on the phone to her mum for at least 45 minutes, within seconds of her finishing the call though the number she dialled by mistake first called her back asking who she was, why she called and why she hung up?


Now I'm not sure what's more scary, the fact this woman called back not knowing who called her or that she must have kept redialling over a period of 45 minutes until my Mrs got off the phone.

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Re: Phone Numbers recorded on 1471

A thought........


Do you or have you ever used BT Broadband Talk?

If so-

1) is the account still active

2) are they calling this number and not your actual landline number?

3) have you ever given away or sold an old home hub? (The broadband talk number is retained on the hub until it's disconnected from the broadband line and then fully reset)


If not, then this is strange, may be a temp' fault on a line causing an intermittent crossed line...:|

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Re: Phone Numbers recorded on 1471

Thanks to all who have responded to my inquiry.


I have been unable to check my Bt account for recent usuage due to some upgrading or other


I agree with all who are mystified that someone would call an unrecognised number and who you are and what you want.

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