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Phone Sockets

Not sure if this is in the right group but hey ho...


Moved in to a new flat over the weekend and the previous tenant has throughtfully ripped off the faceplates from the BT sockets, (As well as trashing the flat),  leaving me just the test socket working in the master socket.  Have tested the socket in the living room and thats deader than a deader thing during dead week so am mildly annoyed by all this.  Any idea on how to report this to BT and what fee I will be expected to pay?



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Re: Phone Sockets

Nothing to do with BT I'm afraid, internal wiring is your responsibility as is any damage to the master socket.

The socket in the living room would have been wired to the missing faceplate of the master which would need to be plugged in to connect it.

Faceplates are obtainable from many sources on the net and DIY stores.

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Re: Phone Sockets

I can confirm what licquourice has said. To are responsible for any wiring or sockets passed the master socket ifI you need one of these sockets reconnecting you will have to arrange it at your cost. Have a Google of telephone engineer. Lots of people offering a service to reconnect sockets.
The wiring maybe I place, you may only need to pay for replacing and reconnecting the sockets.

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