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Re: Phone calls regarding Internet being "compromised"

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Users of other providers get the same problem. BT Retail do not have control of the whole phone network. Virgin Media, Sky, TalkTalk plus others, have their own phone networks.

Sorry to be a pain But I was with Virginmedia for 8 years and never had one spam call, until 3 weeks after I joined BT and now I have had about 30 calls since last August.

I used to follow the Virginmedia forum like I do on here and can’t remember ever seeing a  spam calls thread.

VM do have reports on their forums, with people actually saying BT and TT have blocking systems so why don't VM!

VM have around 10-15% of the lines I believe, which is quite a lot less than BT. So there will be less calls in general. However the scammers seem to pick new ranges from time to time - hence will pick new customers, and would surely be a coincidence for people moving between ISPs. It is easy to assume that moving companies can cause these issues, but there is no indication that it would.

I stand corrected then, I have had my phone with BT for more than 45 years but had TV and Broadband with Virginmedia for 8 years and nobody ever tried to scam me on the phone until I took out all 3 contract with BT.

I am looking into a call blocking phone.

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Re: Phone calls regarding Internet being "compromised"

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Just taken a call saying that my internet has been "compromised".

The telephone number that is showing is 01778 017 949.

I will be adding this to my blocked numbers.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread.

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Re: Phone calls regarding Internet being "compromised"

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@theabbot I'd also recommend you report this scam call here to help us fight the fraudsters.

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Re: Phone calls regarding Internet being "compromised"- 0751 2365478

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Found one of these calls recorded on my answer machine. It seems to me that they can probably "spoof" the caller ID information to anything they want, because the number was shown as 0751 2365478 on my 'phone (i.e. basically the numbers 1 through 8 in a slightly altered order). That would make blocking the calls more troublesome. 

(Have reported this number to BT  anyway...)


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