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Phone rings - nobody there

We have recently been plagued by several calls a day in which, when answered, there is nobody there.


1471 reports "We do not have the caller's number …" which I believe indicates an overseas caller (as opposed to "caller withheld their number" which seems to apply to UK callers).


I'm guessing this is some canvassing outfit using automatic dialling.


Is there anything we can do about it?

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Re: Phone rings - nobody there

You could try the Truecall unit.

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Re: Phone rings - nobody there

I am plagued by this number 02034760315. It comes up on my BT CD but there is always silence. I don't want to call it back in case it is a scam. Does anyone have an explanation or solution? I cannot find anywhere on the BT site information on how to bar only one number and I don't want to have to pay for it either.

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Re: Phone rings - nobody there

You can get "Choose to refuse" service from BT which allows you to block up to ten numbers. There is usually a months free trial and you can cancel at the end of it, if you no longer require it.

A month may be long enough to stop the problem.

Forumhelp (Private website) Lots of additional information and help.
You will need to be connected to your home BT Broadband connection to view it, or any links to it that I post on this forum.

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Re: Phone rings - nobody there

Excellemt device, it really works and can be boiught at Amazon as BT no longer sell it.

Choose to refuse only allows for 10 numbers, Truecall 500.


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Re: Phone rings - nobody there

Choose to refuse ond Anonymous Call Reject would only work where the number is available or has been withheld.


Where the 1471 message says "We do not have the caller's number ...'  there is no way of stopping these calls.


BT Privacy is an idea where you can have Caller ID free and they will register with the Telephone Preference Service to stop unsolicitated marketing calls. 


Where calls originate outside the UK then its a case of picking them up on Caller ID and ignoring them.

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