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Phone rings once then stops.

Greetings everyone.


There seems to be a strange old problem with the phone. Whenever someone tries to call, it rings once then goes quiet. I did a test from my mobile and it seems that somehow the phone gets 'picked up' by magic for a few seconds, cos my mobile got charged for it!!


Before you ask, I tried to old test socket and same result.


Tried the 2 phones we have independently and the same result.


Disconnected the home hub and the same result.


Regarding dialling out, it seems 100% fine, so this problem is a strange old one!


I called the BT fault line and the person said it MIGHT be related to my equipment and I'll get charged if I call the engineer. Hopefully, that won't be the case cos I booked the engineer already!


It would be much apperciated if anyone can help me regarding the fault, or whether I will be charged or not for the engineer appointment.



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Re: Phone rings once then stops.

Hi elementalpat.

Welcome to the forums.


It sounds like the fault is Ring Trip.


Have a read of this post, its about 3 posts down.



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OK, thanks

Thanks for the reply.


I had a read of that post and everything matches up.


However, I did all the tests that were suggested and it still has the same problem.


The only thing that is different is that the phones are still faulty with the hub disconnected, so I am still not sure if I will be charged for the engineer callout.

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Re: OK, thanks


Try calling your home number with nothing at all plugged into the test socket, if it still trips it is a fault outside, the only way you could get charged is if the socket is damp as this is deemed as customer damage.

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Re: OK, thanks

Thanks for that Dave.

Just did that test and the it still trips. Looks like I'm in the clear phone equipment wise.

Wonder if this ring trip phenomenon is common and what causes it?
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Re: Phone rings once then stops.

I had a similar problem recently caused by low batteries in a phone. Try disconnecting from the line, phones and hub and call from your mobile. If it still happens looks like a line fault. If it doesn't then connect the units one at a time,



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Re: OK, thanks

Hi Dave


I have a similar problem but it is intermittent. The phone rings once and stops. I cannot then use the phone. There is no dialling tone. The phone might start working again after 5, 10, 20 minutes or hours or in one case a whole day. I have reported this to BT about ten times. An engineer visited and said there was a fault in the exchange. I don't know if this has been fixed as the problem persists. Any ideas? Each time I call BT I get the same run around, try this try that. My socket is old fashioned and there is no internal test I can do.

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Phone rings once then stops

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Have you proved the fault either in or out of your premises but plugging just a known working phone into the test point of your main socket ?



The other thing is to report it as soon as the fault occurs, if there is an intermittent line fault they maybe able to pick it up on a line test.

When you report it as a ring trip.

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Re: Phone rings once then stops

Hi Dave


Many thanks.


I do not have the type of socket that allows the test you describe. I have explained this to BT India numerous times but always get asked to  carry out the test. I had two ring trips this morning and so again rang BT and this time asked to speak to customer services. After some haggling they put me through. However, BT customer services refuse to become involved in line faults and I was transferred back to India, where I was once again asked to carry out the same ritual tests. The end result was that they would 'monitor' the line over the weekend (whatever that means). In the meantime, I received a ring trip call at 17.15 which rendered the line unusable for the next two hours. We checked the line every hour and it was working again two hours later. What I can't understand is that we had an engineer visit about two weeks ago, he said he detected a fault at the exchange but he did not replace the socket we have with a modern one. Who is responsible for this?


Thanks again for getting back to me.

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Re: Phone rings once then stops

Openreach are responsible up to the master socket any extensions are your responsibility

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