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Phones not ringing

Where are the boards? How do I find one? I may now be on a relevant board for all I know. I've spent several hours on the net and on the phone trying to sort out a problem with my landline. For some reason none of my 3 handsets rings to alert me to an incoming call. Naturally I phoned the no in the phone book, and was asked by a recorded voice to put down my phone while the line was tested, with a mention of ringing me back when the test had finished - Snafu No 1. BT (or anyone else in the whole world) cannot ring me back, because I won't know they are ringing me back. Eventually I rang the Business contracts number and said i'd cancel my contract if I wasn't able to get a clear steer on how to further this problem with BT. Snafu No 2: a long, long, long period on the line to someone perhaps in India, perhaps in Indonesia, whose English was adequate, but who had problems understanding what my problem was. Most of the time I was listenign to people chatting and laughing (I hope not at me). Then to an energetic woman somewhere else, almost certainly either India or Bangladesh, but no matter, because I had to repeat the whole miserable saga to her, she had no idea initially why I'd been transferred to her, and then told me she could set up an engineer visit - the answer to all my worries. But no, because she pointed out that if the problem resided with 'my equipment' I'd be charged £129.00. Having no idea if the problem would reside with my equipment, I cancelled the half-arranged appointment, as I wasn't sure I could feel comfortable being at the mercy of (a) Fate and (b) the engineer's judgment, if they couldn't find the cause within whatever BTs area of responsibiity is. Next I methodically tried my handsets in the 'test socket'. Bin-go! None worked,a nd the Phone Book suggests that the fault will most likely be with the line, and not with my equipment (the nature and extent of which is unspecified). What I'd really like is to be able to talk with someone from BT briefly and in a cooperative spirit about getting it fixed. I'd also like to talk about the problems with my BT broadband, which drops out withoiut warning several times a day, making it more or less worthless for serious work use.  I shall be terminating my relationship with BT as soon as my phone problem is fixed and I have experienced  soemthing in the way of an actual human-to-human interaction.  I've had problems with energy suppliers on occasion, but they've always ended up being decent and helpful. Not so BT, I'm sorry to say. I can say without prejudice and without any doubt that the standard of customer service I've experienced is the worst I have know, short of once being threatened by a member of a company for complaining. That, at least, was a sort of human-to-human interaction, though.


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Re: Phones not ringing

@Quejando Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. I'm sorry about the problems with your phone not ringing and the difficulties experenced when reporting this.


You had found the correct board 'Phones' but posted on a really old thread not related to the problem you are having so I've started your own thread. You can do this by clicking on the relevant board to which your query falls within on the main forum page then click new message to start an new discussion.  This forum user guide link might help in the future.


It's correct that the engineer may raise a visit charge if the fault is not on the BT network for example if it was a faulty phone causing the problem, that's why you were asked to carry out those checks. If three different phones don't ring when connected to the test socket we can't really ask you to do much more to rule out your own equipment and wiring and the next step is to get an engineer out to look at the line.


If you need any help organising this please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile under the 'about me' section to send in your details. You can find the link by clicking on my username.




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