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Please help, waited 4 months for phone line, still no further forward!

Hi, I'll start by trying to make a long story short. We purchased a wreck of a house in August last year. Between September and December I completely restored it back to liveable (although many more jobs to do). So circa early September I ordered a sky package including broadband. When the engineer visited to set up the router... no phone line. OK so left it with sky who after 3 months (late december) just cancelled the contract as they could not provide a line. So cue BT, ordered a broadband package in new years sale explained about the fact we had no phone line (we do but it's disconnected at the pole???) And they assured me all will be well they'll send an engineer to sort it out. Various phone calls and promises later and it's now April. They assured us we'd have it all resolved by March 30th. There I am hoping.... hoping.... all I get is another phone call from a non descript call centre telling me it will be July now? Is it me or is this utterly ridculous. I restored the house.... whilst having a full time job..... in less time that it's taken to run an 8 core line from a box to my house. I am sick of ringing up and being fobbed off saying it's not their fault. Please tell me it's not normal to wait 6 months for a simple phone line. Can anyone please help as I'm about to rip my hair out in frustration.

Many thanks

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Re: Please help, waited 4 months for phone line, still no further forward!

Hi @C20letmini,


Welcome to the community forum and thank you for posting. 


I'm sorry to hear about the delay in activating your service. I'll be able to take a look at what is happening with your order. Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile?





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