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Porting Issue


I really hope someone could help with this, I've had to resort to asking on here as my services provider and other parties involved are messing around. So I've always been with Virgin Media and recently moved to Sky for phone and broadband services. So had a BT openreach engineer come and install the phone and broadband, so during this time the number was ported over from VM to Sky. Then after a 3 days due to poor broadband service I cancelled my sky services during cooling off period and agreed a deal with VM again and started the porting process again but back to VM.

Soemthing happened and the number wasn't ported over and due to sky services by then being cancelled the number ended up with BT as they originally owned the number when 20+ years ago I was with BT. So now after speaking to the VM porting team, they said that BT have rejected the port request and asked them to do it again, then again rejected it. 

Nobody from BT seems to be able to help as im not a BT customer, virgin cant get any luck in getting the number back over from BT and I don't understand why BT wont just accept the request and give the number back to Virgin Media. I've been with Virgin ever since I left BT 20+ years ago barring the recent 3 day stint with Sky.

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Re: Porting Issue

this is a forum for BT Retail broadband and phone customers and although I understand what you have posted there is nothing the forum can do to help as you are a Virgin customer  it is up to virgin to sort out the mess

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Re: Porting Issue

This is a customer to customer forum for CURRENT BT customers, nto those that left 20 years ago 😊.

You need to progress with your current ISP.

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Re: Porting Issue

If BT Retail own your phone number, then it can only be provided again from the same local exchange that you were connected to, when your number was first issued.

You can check to see who owns your number.

If you have a quick look at the OFCOM website :-

and download the spreadsheet that contains your number range (note the numbers exclude the leading zero). The line in the spreadsheet will show to whom the range is allocated.

If you are still living at the same address, or an address that is served by the same exchange, then it normally possible to get your number back, if you move your services back to BT Retail.

As you are not currently a BT Retail customer, then nobody on this forum can help.

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Re: Porting Issue

If the number was originally BT’s and ported to VM in the past, and VM and Sky messed up the port, then expecting a company you have no relationship with to get involved is optimistic to say the least, BT weren’t involved in this last port attempt , and other company’s errors have meant that BT have got the number back, then unless you considered using BT as your provider then why would they become involved ?
TBH , if VM are not prepared to go off script and do anything for you apart from tell you that the port request is rejected ( FWIW, the port is rejected because there is no BT account with that number shown against it ) and number port is for active numbers, not inactive ones ( even if it were active recently with another company ) as far as ‘BT’ are concerned they never served your address for at least 20 years, so any port request would be rejected as ‘not our customer’

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