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Possible Scam?

My wife took a call today from an Indian gentleman, claiming to be from BT, saying he needs to discuss a problem with our router, to the affect that every time we go on-line we are picking up radio signals. She told him he'd have to ring back when I'm available.


Anyone else heard of this or had a similar call?


I've heard of similar unsolicited calls by people pretending to be Microsoft Engineers, but this is first time I've heard of one involving BT.


Any comments

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New India Phone Scam

Had a phone call this morning from an Indian call centre.  The lady said she was calling from BT Openreach and that there was a fault on my broadband line and that she could clear the fault and increase the speed I was getting.


I kept her on the phone and ran a speed check and informed her that I was getting 37.5Mb download and 6.5Mb upload on a 38Mb BT Infinity package but she still insisted there was a fault.  Whilst the call was going on I could here lots of other people in the background and lots of references to BT Openreach.


She wanted me to enter "a web conference/remote access website" in my browser which I declined to do as I was not going to go down the route of giving her control of my machine so she then hung up.


Seems like the scammers have moved on from saying they are Microsoft and are now using BT Openreach as a way to con people.


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Re: New India Phone Scam

Welcome to the forum and well done for refusing to fall for it. If everyone was that diligent perhaps the scammers would give up.

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Re: New India Phone Scam

There is another one as well saying they are from BT and that someone is using my wifi and that my account has been locked until I confirm a few personal details. Funny thing is, I do actually have a fault and this is how they scam people. But I know they were talking rubbish as BT will never call you for that. Its your responsibility to manage your wifi access.
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Re: New India Phone Scam

Its getting to the point where i'm thinking of barring all incoming calls. I have a handset that can block unwanted calls, however both this and choose to refuse as well as anonymous caller rejection is useless as they keep using different numbers. Its also getting to the point where i'm thinking should BT start blocking incoming calls from certain countries. The sooner BT gets rid of indian call centres the better! This is where they are obtaining information from.
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Re: New India Phone Scam

It happens a lot to me, but the callers claim to be from Microsoft/Windows. I'm glad to know that many of us have been aware of these scams. Found some reports filed about BT scam even last year, at So it's not a new kind of scam, though. We need to be careful, and keep spreading the word.
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Re: New India Phone Scam

I had one today... minutes after the BT engineer left. 

I had spent a lot of time on the online BT chat to their customer services last week with three different operatives trying to resolve a broadband issue.


As the man who called me today to tell my I have an issue with Windows had an Indian accent, I'm suspicious.


I only receive these calls after I've engaged in online customer service chats with BT.


I've seen other threads discussing this, so have reported it to BT. Someone is passing customer details on. Today's call came from Venezuela, apparently. They need to investigate

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Re: New India Phone Scam

Hi Guys,


Thanks for raising awareness and for helping to prevent others from this type of scam.


I'd encourage you to take a look at the below links and pass them on especially to vulnerable people.


Security warning - Fraud activities


Dangerous phone spoofing scams on the increase




Thank you



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Re: New India Phone Scam

Irrespective of nationality these people are criminals whose sole objective is to defraud you of your savings and also harvest your personal details. They claim to be from almost any organisation including BT Helpdesk, BT Technical Help, The Police, The Bank etc etc etc. Having been "stung" myself (BT Technical Help and thankfully I twigged that it was a fraudulent call when they asked for my password - this occurred some time ago and so far no evidence of financial fraud) I know how unpleasant it can be and a lot of hassle to warn banks etc of compromise of some personal details - I also changed my email address, my mobile and notified BT Fraud Dept who gave me a crime number. The only safe thing to do is to put the phone down without answering any of their questions and definitely do NOT allow them remote access to your computer. Unless you are absolutely certain of the full identity of the caller do not trust any incoming telephone calls.

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BT Scam?

Having reported a broadband fault to the Indian call centre this morning and eventually being put through to Dublin to book an engineer I received a further call from an Indian lady 30 minutes later purportedly from BT asking me if I wished to disconnect my broadband. I explained that I had booked an engineer and she said she needed to put me through to her manager.  An Indian gentleman came on the line and said that they had investigated my fault further and had detected unusual activity from multiple ISPs and that my poor service maybe due to this.  He asked me to go online with my computer so he could check some details  and when I explained that the broadband was not working he hung up.  When I rang BT back (and after holding for 20 minutes) I was informed that this last call was a scam call.  When I highlighted my concern that I had received a scam call almost immediately after speaking to BT about my broadband issue and that someone may have passed my details on I was informed that it was 'just a coincidence'.  Given that this is this first fault I have reported in months and that it was quickly followed by my first scam call from BT purportedly about my ongoing broadband issues am I being paranoid thinking that this is more than a coincidence? Could my details have been passed to the scammers by someone in the call centre? I did ask to speak to the advisor's manager to highlight my concerns but she said they would only tell me the same thing i.e. that it was a coincidence.