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Re: Possible Scam?



please take a note of the number they called on ( even if International) ie starting 00

then after call dial 1572 ( Call Protect)

or set it up free with BT online  

Note that scammers do not call from the number shown, it's been spoofed using VoIP systems and they will change the number. Call Protect will not block these calls as they keep changing. If a call shows as 00 - then it's not necessarily an international call, again it can be spoofed. An international call is when the call passes through the international gateways and an international flag added to the call message.

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Re: Possible Scam?

I spoke to BT yesterday to arrange an Internal home move in our house and was told we would be contacted in July  about this again as we are in the process of  changing our Mobile contracts.  Received a call today from an Asian sounding gentleman saying he was from BT, knew our name and wanted to talk about the changes we are making to our home lines.  I was suspicious and did not supply the requested address details and he said he would ring back tomorrow.

I called BT who confirmed that I had not been called by them today, nor did they recognise the number called from,  and advised that I request details from any suspicious sounding caller in future. 

This makes sense, but as he seemed to know quite a bit about us already, what would be good information to request - account No., user name, letter in password?! Advice gratefully received, thanks

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Re: New India Phone Scam

Similar here.  I( had an online conversation yesterday about my phone bill.  Today I got calls purportedly from BT (Indian accents, western names) to the effect that I had to go to my computer to remedy problems of access caused by my computer being taken over by outside activity.  When I said I wasn't going to fall for a scam, they claimed they could prove they weren't a scam by giving my account number.  I GAVE THIS NUMBER THE DAY BEFORE TO A GENUINE ONLINE BT OPERATIVE.  I did not put them to this test.

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Re: Possible Scam?

Same thing called twice today (my wife answered earlier and said I was out) so they are persistent!. Call from 01826 489 434 (not a BT number). Said they would send a new wifi router but first needed to go through some stuff on the PC with me, so I terminated the call.

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