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Problem with phone line

Hi all, 


I have an issue that may be very simple to fix, but is causing my head to hurt.  Recently our landline phone just suddenly stopped working. thinking it was old and dead, we purchased a new one ( BT essential Phone X One handset )...but the problem persists. Internet is fine.

Removed front cover of master socket, plugged phone only into test socket...nothing. No dial tone, and when you ring the landline from a mobile, you get the ring tone in your ear, but landline doesn't ring ??

I'm struggling to understand why the phone has stopped, but the internet works....could there be a problem with the master socket, or with the line to the house ( which I believe is an underground cable ).

I thought there was such a thing as a line checker, but can't find anything......please help, my grey matter is all confused.

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Re: Problem with phone line

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Re: Problem with phone line

Your phone line consists of two wires ( a copper pair ) , the telephony ‘circuit’ part requires both ‘legs’ of the pair to be connected ,  surprisingly  broadband will work , albeit usually more slowly, even if one leg of the circuit  is ‘dis’ ( disconnected ) , so it’s entirely possible for your broadband to work when the ‘phone’ doesn’t, usually this ‘dis’ would be close to your home if the broadband functions reasonably well.

If you have checked and confirmed no dialtone at the master socket test port with a known working phone, you need to report your landline faulty no dialtone ( NDT ) , when the line is tested they may suggest the problem is within your home, but you have effectively proved that it’s not.

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