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Problems with phoneline round 2

Its one thing after another with BT I was informed of some changes which would be a major dissadvantage to me on the new calling plan I subscribed to. So because of this I try to alter the plan. Needless to say I would not have changed my plan in the first place if I was aware of the 7-7 change. I phone up was offered anytime plan with 3 months free. So I took the offer.


But as before the order kept failing.


And to top it all I now cant see my plan online and am told some assets have been removed from my account and they carnt see a phoneline active. (even though my phone still works)


I do not want my phone to go off as it is a very importent service to me. My son lives down the road from me and has health issues this service is a lifeline in case he goes to hospital or if I need to be informed of anything.

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Re: Problems with phoneline round 2

Well it looks sorted. Just looked up online and everything is as it should be thankfully.

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