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Re: BT seem to be having trouble providing me with a Landline

I too have been trying to get connected to a line from BTwith very similar results.

My order was placed on 16th September for a phone line and Broadband  . A date was given and the Modem arrived with instruction for the engineers and a date and time set . No engineer turned up and when I called to ask I was told that there was a line to the house so that that had cancelled the visit - this was not relayed to me. It was a talk talk line and I was a BT customer - another date was fixed again no engineer  this time when I  called the reason(excuse) was that TT   not handed the line back. On checking with previous owners they were informed that it had been handed back . Another date 16th OCT

between 8 and 1 was set . Again no engineer so another call elicited that the engineers had found a break in the line and they  did not know when it would be fixed .All this ,as you can imagine, caused several calls (all over 20 m minutes) on my mobile.

Yesterday another 2 hours was spent on mobile phone trying to contact BT with varying answers being given as reported together with one saying that they were waiting for me to pay £2,700 pounds to have a land line taken to the house as there were no lines and the road had to be dug up !!

 All together I have had to have 3 days of unpaid leave and my mobile costs have gone from £50 - £200 being a pensioner it has cost enormous stress and distress

Today, I have had 2 calls from someone in BT to say they were sorry that they could not provide me with a line unless I paid the £2700 and other than that she had no assistance to offer. As I am a pensioner I am at my wits end as to what to do next.



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Re: BT seem to be having trouble providing me with a Landline

welcome to the forum


I moved your post so you can get a reply to your problem and not get replies confused with the originator of previous thread


you need mod help and they will post a link and provide assistance  contact mods link.jpg

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Re: BT seem to be having trouble providing me with a Landline

Hi Mdh,


I would like to take a look at the details of your order. Please could you send me in your details using the "Contact Us" link found in my profile?





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