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Re: Contract ends 25th, but I don't get to keep my landline number?!

If you have got a service end date (25th) that suggests you have ceased or are on route to ceasing your services , if you want to port your existing number to someone else, then ceasing the existing service is probably not the correct option, you would contact the provider you want use, and they , by entering an order to migrate the service to them , serve notice that you are quitting to the existing company , and the new company indicate that the number is to be ported on that migration order..if you have not followed the correct process, then when the company (or company’s) you have approached,  try to submit a migration order, they are told (electronically) that there is already an order against the line ( a cease order ), you cannot have two orders simultaneously , so the new (migration) order fails.

Obviously , if you said something along the lines of ‘Ive had enough of your company, just cease my service’ then your  instructions have been followed, if you said you wanted to move but for BT to hold off until you had picked  a company to take over your service, then a cease order shouldn’t have been issued, obviously what was actually said is only known by yourself and BT.