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Re: Humming phone line?.

In the days when along the roads there were telephone poles with many wires strung between them I can remember hearing with the wind in the right direction and appropriate speed a gentle pure note -  aeolian sound - caused by the wind vortices flowing over the wires.   Not sure if that is what you may be hearing?



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Humming phone line?.

Hi. I have been living where i am now for about 4 years. Ever since living here i have heard a loud buzzing, humming noise out side my window its worse when its windy. The cables are right out side my window and when they blow in the wind the sound gets louder. It depends on the weather too. If its cold and clear the sound is different. I have lost alot of sleep over this noise and i no its not in my head as my parents have heard on the odd ocasion. The cables are slightly further away from there window how the cables are fitted.


Is there any way to find out if it is the phone the lines what are making this noise as it is really annoying and as said lost alot of sleep. We can only hear it when its quiet at night in the day its fine.


Thanks for any reply.

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Re: Humming phone line?.

I seem to remember that it was possible to fit a device a bit like a cotton reel. These would be fitted about every 3 feet along the length of the overhead wire to stop it oscillating. Not sure if Openreach still supply and fit.
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