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Re: Lost landline number during broadband switch - please help?

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Hi Keith,

I am also experiencing similar situation with Donna. Will you and your team able to help?

My partner has left the house and as far as I am aware he has been with Virgin since it was NTL. I took the new contact with Virgin and got him to contact Virgin to explain that he is moving out to end the service but I’d like to keep the same number. VM said it is not a problem. After the router was set up, I realized I am having a telephone problem so I contacted VM and they arranged an engineer visit. I enquired about number porting and they said it would be 10 days after engineer’s visit. The engineer came basically said he couldn’t do anything apart from me accepting the telephone needed to plug into the router itself. There is no phone line anymore. I was promised by VM again after engineer’s visit that number porting will be done within 10 days. I phoned earlier this week to check about the process after my holiday. They told me the number has gone back to BT after 14 days. There is nothing they can do about it.

I came from overseas and for my family and friends, that is the only number they can contact me. My brother recently has gone missing without telling anyone. He used to call me on that old number. I was in tears when I was told the number has gone and there is no way I can have it back. I was hoping he might call me again to let me know he is safe.

Please can someone help me? I did phone BT earlier but the call centre said I need to ask Virgin to contact BT as I don’t have a contract with BT. Virgin is doing nothing apart from telling me there is nothing they can do about it. Thank you.
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Re: Lost landline number during broadband switch - please help?

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Sorry, I am just a BT customer. All I can say that if the number was originally issued by BT Retail, and is owned by them, and you are still at the same addresss, then its normally possible to get the number back, provided you transfer your service to BT Retail.

Its not possible for this forum to help with other service providers , especially Virgin Media, who have their own exchanges.


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