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Re: New customer - not a good start.

Very bad installation experience also for me. Had an active phone line, working nicely for a long time. I decided to add BT infinity on that line, got the notification that the broadband installation was complete and the service ready for use however... nothing works, the home hub reports the line is not working and the phone does not have a dialtone (the same phone that worked perfectly before the broadband installation).


Talked to BT customer service that assured me:

- there's a fault on the line

- the fault is on the line and has nothing to do with the broadband setup

- they will send an engineer from their supplier to check (making it look like openreach is not actually a part of BT but something completely different)

- it will take about one week to fix the problem

- there's a possibility it's my fault and I could be charged 130 pounds


What a welcome to the BT broadband service!!!

- no hint whatsoever that the fault could be just someone misconfiguring something while provisioning the broadband (maybe someone patching the spagetti wires at a cabinet down the road)

- how comes when I reported the fault the operator quickly run some diagnostic and identified a fault on the line, while a couple of hours earlier BT provisioned the broadband and sent me a notification that everything was installed: did they acrually test anything at all after provisioning the broadband???

- and most likely I will be charged for my newly installed boradband service as of today, despite it does not work at all


I should probably cancel the whole thing...

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Re: New customer - not a good start.

If you have no dial tone the infinity will not work Openreach although part of the BT Group operate as a totally separate company and BT get no preferential service over any other provider under rules laid down by OFCOM

you would only be charged 130.00 if the fault is found after the test socket which is located behind the master socket faceplate
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