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Re: Phone line corrosion

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I need help in December last year my phone line and Internet went off emailed for and engineer to call out got an appointment for January this year and iv checked my bill to day and been charged for the engineer. But when engineer was out he went in my attic and said it was the wires up there and my partner and my self asked him if we will be charged for this and he said NO then the same day or the next had a phone call to ask me if everything is OK and I said yes and again I asked her if i would be charged for the visit and she said NO and she had the i report from the engineer in front of her when she said this. Now today when i phoned up they the person i spoke said she will check all inform and get manager to phone me in 4 hours and when got that phone call she was going on about damp in the attic and the charge of £99 will stay and i told her of the engineer saying that i would not be charged and of the phone call i had and she said back that engineer should not have said that to u and she checked for the phone call i had and surprise surprise couldn't find the phone call.

This isn't the first engineer iv had out iv had about 6 of them out in a space of 5 months all iv had since iv join  bt is problem after problem and with all that all i get back is £15.



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Re: Phone line corrosion

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I am sorry to see you are having problems

I suggest you contact the forum mods they should be able to get this problem sorted for you this is a link to them

They normally reply by email or phone directly to you within 3 working days they will take personal ownership of your problem until resolved and will keep you informed of progress

They are a UK based BT specialist team who have a good record at getting problems solved

This is a customer to customer self help forum the only BT presence here are the forum moderators