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Re: Telephone one way transmission

I have been having trouble phoning Sydney Australia from my BT landline phone three times this year. In March,then in Oct then on the 17th Nov.   


Local calls to and from my phone are very clear. I have no trouble with BT broadband.


I call Sydney,I hear a dial tone,I hear them but they cannot hear me. As I ring on the same day and time they know its me and they call me back Their connection is very clear sounds just like a local call.


At another time when I called Sydney I got thru o.k and then about half an hour later my connection just dropped out and the line went dead. So they called me back,again clear connection from the Sydney end sounded like a local call.


It seems to me the problem is on my end,in England,I am in London. Each time I reported the fault Openreach repared it but the repair does not seem to last.The March repair lasted 7 months then the line dropped out in Oct. They fixed the fault then the line dropped out in Nov so the repair lasted a month. I reported the Nov fault and am due to call Sydney on the 24th Nov. Someone from BT Openreach said they would call me on Wednesday to see if the fault was fixed. Its really weird. Are we getting to the stage where we cant call Australia from a Landline in England?

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Re: Telephone one way transmission

if you are only having issues calling Australia then the responsibility does not lie with Openreach. they only look after the lines from the telephone exchange to your house m
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