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Re-activating a phone line for internet as a resident in a commercial building

I previously had a bt contract at a property where I live and work but am not the contract holder for the main lines in the building (a number of business lines I'm not sure who with). I recently moved back in and have tried to get the line that I had installed before directly into my room reactivated, it has been unused since I moved out. 


I placed an order to reactivate it and I received a call telling me I had to get permission from the other service provider to take over the line. How come I need to get permission to take over a dissused line previously held with bt and now dissused? The first time I had the line put in, the other services in the building went down. How did adding a seperate line effect them?  If this is going to cause hassle for my employer or disruption I'd rather cancel my order. 


Can you advise?


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