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Recently switched to BT but so far no service and possible £99 charge

Having recently decided to join BT an engineer arrived to check the phone line. He ran a few tests and said there were no problems and to expect connection later that day. Great.

The following day the phone was working but not the internet. As I still had a internet connection through cable with another supplier I wasn't too concerned as I was sure BT would get it sorted.

After the bank holiday weekend the broadband still wasn't working so I decided to contact customer services. The operator was very helpful and said he would sort out any problems. He found out that the phone was still being provided by my previous supplier, Virgin Media. The operator said by the end of the day my phone and internet would be provided by BT.
Within half an hour of the call to customer services the phone line went dead to be replaced by nothing. No problem, he did say it would be sorted by the end of the day I thought to myself.

The day after and still no connection to BT. Before ringing customer services I discovered the BT Fault Finder online. I ran this and to my surprise it said there was a fault on the line near to my property. I'm sure the engineer who gave it a clean bill of health would be surprised to hear this also.
I received a call, on my mobile, later that day to be told there was indeed a fault and that and engineer would be called out. However if a fault was found within the boundaries on my property I could be charged a fee of £99.

The engineer is due to arrive on the 2nd September. I strongly feel that my connection to BT wasn't tested correctly in the first place. The engineer who visited my property to install BT either made a mistake or was incompetent. Why should I be charged for something that should have been sorted as part of the installation process?


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Re: Recently switched to BT but so far no service and possible £99 charge

It's not "within the boundaries" of your property.  You should have a Master Socket with a faceplate which can be detached to reveal another phone socket beneath, called the Test Socket.  Connect your telephone to the Test Socket.  If the line is still dead (and you are sure the phone works) then you will not be charged for a call-out.  


Anything from the Master Socket to the telephone exchange belongs to BT and will be fixed free of charge.  Anything attached to the faceplate you removed belongs to you and you are liable to be charged if it needs fixing.  

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