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Renewing contract and paying line rental up front

I believe my 12 month contract is up for renewal in the next couple of months. I currently have Broadband option 3 with calls and BT Vision with Sky Sports 1 and 2 for £30.40 per month. I'm very content with my service and price so would like to renew along with paying line rental up front. I have tried to do this online but it keeps telling me I already have a package (which I know!). So far I haven't received any renewal letter and my online bill doesn't indicate that my contract is on an auto-renewal basis. Regardless of that I would like to know when to pay the line rental to avoid needless subsequent discounting. I'm loathe to phone BT as it tends to lead to frustration and teeth nashing whereas I've found the forum to be excellent. Can someone assist me please?

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Re: Renewing contract and paying line rental up front

You can probably work out when your package is due for renewal by looking at MyBT, then My Bills and Payments, then View Your Payments.


As far as Line Rental Saver is concerned, you will receive an email from BT, inviting you to renew it, about a fortnight before it's due (assuming you have it already). I imagine the same thing will happen with your package. You can't renew LRS until the current LRS  expires.


If you  have both a package and Line Rental Saver, renewal of LRS can't be done online, for some reason  -  you have to phone BT.

Here is the relevant bit from BT website:

"How do I reorder Line Rental Saver?

That depends:

  • If you have a calls and broadband or TV package, please telephone 0800 707 6308. Remember, you can only reorder after the first term has ended.
  • If you pay for services separately, you can reorder online. You'll need to enter your phone number and postcode. You can then change your calling plan or add-ons if you like, or just continue and select Line Rental Saver.

Reorder your Line Rental Saver here if your term has endedReorder your Line Rental Saver here if your term has ended"