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Re: Report a Scam call

Yes I agree it’s sometimes not worth the bother it seems just wish these scammers could be made accountable

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Re: Report a Scam call

There is a rare piece of news today on the BBC that City of London Police, Kolkata Cyber Police and Microsoft have made arrests and closed down two Scam operations in India. It is for a software related scam rather than telecoms initiated. 

I am aware of online investigations into many of these scam operations and how they operate: sometimes the Investigators report to Kolkata Police all the details. But as yet nothing is being reported on BT related scams, leading to any arrests.

Perhaps BT should keep us up to date on how this is progressing...??

Will there be a News item next week: "police from various countries with BT assistance have made x arrests and closed down y BT impersonators...."??