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Scam call - where do they get their BT data from/

I got an email with correct part asterisked phone number and account number showing.  The email stated it was time to renew my contract which I knew was wrong so didn't click anything and deleted the email.

Then 10 minutes later I got a phone call on my BT landline number purporting to come from BT.  I don’t use my BT landline for the phone so this isn’t a number I give out to anyone. Only BT has it and it’s  ex-directory.

The “BT agent” said I had recently ordered a mobile phone - untrue so I stated this was wrong.  He then apologised and said there was a problem with my payments.  Again wrong so I said so and ended the call.   I allowed the line to clear down and phoned BT who told me no such email or call had originated from BT.  Also no phone had been ordered on my account and no billing problems existed.

So far just a simple failed scam attempt but it left me with one question.  Only BT have the three pieces of data the scammers used:

a). Account number will only be on BT systems;

b). Email address held by BT but I use a lot;

c). Landline phone number not used (line only for broadband), not given out ever and held by BT.

So if BT is the only place all three items of data are held associated together, has BT had a leak or data breach?  The fact that the scam attempt used a combination of three pieces of personal data  and BT is the only place to hold these together leaves me suspicious they leaked data to a scammer somehow.

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Re: Scam call - where do they get their BT data from/

The scammers use computers and just automatically dial numbers in sequence hoping someone will answer if not then just phone next number and so on.   Being ex directory doesn't mean anything apart from you are not in phone book so no problem for auto dialler 

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