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Whilst asleep early this morning I was woken from a call from bt Openreach, claiming they had found a way to fix our internet speed, it just so happens we are having internet issues currently so assumed this was genuine!
They asked me to log onto my laptop enter the windows key and the letter “r” once this was done I was told to put in some codes into my laptop within some black search boxes, similar to when u download programmes. I was then told to click ok to allow bt to connect with my laptop which I did for about fifteen mins. Thsibmewnt they had access to my laptop. They asked me for a 9 digit code that was displayed on my laptop which I also gave them. They then told me to download some programmes called something viewer? And start putting in regular sites I visited as that would show me how insecure my Internet was. At this point I became very suspicious.. probally too late I know.. and hung up. Have I allowed too much to access now or am I safe? I have factory resettled my laptop but don’t no what else to do? Any help would be great
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Re: Scammed!!

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If you have factory reset your laptop you will have removed anything that the scammers managed to put on it and it should be safe to use.

As a precaution you should change any passwords for Banking and Internet accounts that you may have. I would also advise your bank so that they can watch your account for any strange activity.

Because you did allow them access you will possibly be re-contacted by the scammers who will try to get you to allow them access to your computer again. 

Obviously you will not do that. You should be aware that BT, Openreach your Bank etc will never contact you unsolicited and ask for access to your computer or advise you that it has been compromised.

If you are in any doubt about the authenticity of a caller just hang up and call the company directly on a number you have sourced to check if it is a genuine call.

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