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Severed Cable


Some advice please. On Friday my next door neighbour employed a tree surgeon to cut the top off his trees. While happily up there with his chainsaw he cut my phone/broadband cable in half which overflies his garden.

My neighbour and myself reported the fault to both BT and Openreach.

Openreach turned up on Monday morning (early, with no warning) and replaced the severed cable.

My neighbour accepted all responsibilty and expained this to the engineer who did the repair. He noted it all down.

I also emailed BT to expain the situation.

On Monday evening BT phoned me to say they had got my email but would be charging me £129.99 for the repair and it was up to me to get the money back from my neighbour.

Can anybody tell me how I stand. I didn't cause the damage and it wasn't within my boundary yet they say I am liable for the bill!!!


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Re: Severed Cable

Its Openreach that do the repair, then pass the charge to the Service Provider, who in turn passes it to you.


You would have to pay the bill, then claim it from the person who did the damage, i.e. the tree surgeon, who should be insured for these sorts of incidents.

I assume that your neighbour will be doing the same.


You are lucky that its only £129.99, as some damage can cost much more.


See what other forum members suggest.


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Re: Severed Cable

The reason why you were charged for the damage is that there is no method in place for them to bill a third party, as you have a contract with them you get the bill and then you will have to claim it off the person causing the damage. Been like this for years.

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