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Slammed by BT local Business,

We recently went through the process of audititng our sites and consolidating our phones lines with our preferred supplier, we received notification from our preferred supplier that one of our lines was leaving. As we had not requested this we asked them to stop the migration. 


It seems then BT re-applied and no notification was sent and the lines left. 


We are now in the situation where our lines keep being barred for incoming and out going calls, this is having a major impact on our buinsess, each time we speak to billing to put the amount in query until a contract can be provided the bar is re-applied. 


We have spoken to Billing who tell us to speak to BT local buinsess as they ordered the contract, and when we do speak to BTLB they say it was nothing to do with them. 


Whoever set the account up ordered the invoices to go to site which is why they haven't been paid as all our invoices go to our centralised fianance team. 


To rub salt into the wound we have been charged early termination fees by our preferred supplier, obviously if we move the lines back BT are going to charge us early term fees. 


How do we raise this as a "slamming" case, make sure our lines are not restricted, get hold of the contract and move our lines away without being charged. 


We are obliviously not happy with this and want to raise this with Ofcom, we are sure this is not BT doing this but some shady telcoms dealer on behalf of BT

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Re: Slammed by BT local Business,

This a residential forum as you are a business user you need to use this forum
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Re: Slammed by BT local Business,

Thanks, didnt realise that. 


Cant get a response from BT, 


Cant get a response from BTLB, 


Not allowed to post on this forum, 


Cant go to the ombusman as BT will not response


Ofcom wont take it up unitl we have been to the ombusman, 


statrting to think there is no hope, and BT are allowed to go against the law and do what they want! 


What ever happened to a free market? 

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Re: Slammed by BT local Business,

it is not a matter of Not allowed to post on this forum just no one here can help you,
This is a customer to customer self help forum posts made here do not go to BT although the forum is moderated by BT not every post is read



line slamming happens  with all providers not just BT

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