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We have four phone sockets in our new house of which only one (in the living room) appears to work and that is where we have our wifi box. We have tried plugging our phone into the socket in the study, but this seems dead. We need another phone in the study but are concerned that, with the distance and the thick walls, a wireless handset may not work properly. 


Can anyone advise us on:

  • whether the other sockets are likely to be usable, or if we need to get a technician in?
  • if the other sockets do operate as slaves to the socket that does work, how we would go about this?
  • for that matter, any opinions on the reception strength of wireless handsets presently available?

Thank you.

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Re: Sockets

does the socket that works look like this  test socket.jpg

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Re: Sockets

We have a very elderly set of Panasonic cordless phones which still work fine 2 floors up and outside the house. You could buy from Amazon or some other retailers and return them if they don't do the job.

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Re: Sockets

It's quite possible that the extensions have been disconnected at some point.  If they were wired correctly, they should be connected to the faceplate of the master socket (which is likely to be the one socket that's working).


However they may have been disconnected because there was a fault somewhere.  If you get an Openreach engineer out to look at it, they charge £130 or more.   Alternatively, many electriciand have the knowledge to do phone extensions.

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