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Someone cancelled my contract and BT does nothing about it

On the day of 26 th August, my BT broadband and landline stopped working.
I received an email from BT on the day: 27 th August saying: sorry to see you go.... there will be charge of 30 GBP for finishing the contract.
You can imagine it came as a surprise to find I apparently terminated contract without actually doing it.

After having called BT line and being transferred through 3 different teams after 1.5 h on the phone a gentleman told me that another provider simply overtook my line. This provider turned out to be EE.

Well, BT must have known of it, since otherwise, how could they sent me an email: sorry to see you go.

BT simply gave another company the line without my permission and even wants to charge me for it. I never asked anyone for terminating my contract with BT. Similarly, I never planned to even change a provider.

I was apparently contacted by BT that someone contacted them to overtake my address' s line and I had 10 or 14 days to reply. Ah well, I was on holidays then.

In this way now BT let a complete stranger take over my landline that I have been paying for.

I was told I'm no longer their customer and I should send back the gear as well as pay 30£ for terminating contract. Contract which I never let BT to finish.

I was also told that my old number is probably not going to be available and I simply need to sign a new contract. I did so after 3 hours on the phone with BT since the gentleman on the line told me it is an only way to handle this issue and the nearest time to send an engineer to hook up my landline was 10th September.

This is how BT sorts out issues. This is how Anyone has access to cancelling your own contract at BT. Anyone can do it. Simply anyone and this seems to be legal in the eyes of BT.
Brace yourself when going for holidays as you might come back home to a cancelled contract.

What's even funnier, I now have a working landline phone at home, which turned out to be my new neighbours' telephone number from EE.

Asking for solution at BT as to how they can fix this dodgy situation: I was told I need to start a brand new account with BT and I might be lucky to get the same number and I need to wait 10 days for an engineer to come. No exception if it is BT fault or not.

I was supposed to be contacted by BT if they can give me the line back sooner, I heard nothing for the last 3 days. Nothing.

It is simply shocking, that someone can simply contact BT and they follow them, cut you off and tell basically we will charge you for it and we customers are simply treated like NOTHING. They take no responsibility for this. As if it was obvious that we should pay no matter what.

I demand this to be fixed immediately! And I demand not charging me 30 £ for terminating contract I never terminated.
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Re: Someone cancelled my contract and BT does nothing about it

Welcome to the forum. I'm asking the moderators to look into this sorry tale for you, and they will post contact info here in the morning.

You can click the thumbs up icon below this message if you think it was helpful.
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Re: Someone cancelled my contract and BT does nothing about it



I'm really sorry your BT service was stopped without your permission. If the line is currently being provisioned by EE it regrettably will take a minimum of 10 days to get the line back, this is not something that we have control over.  You should not be charged any cancellation fees or get any contract penalties and this is something that we can assist with.


Please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile under the 'about me' section to send in your details and we'll help in anyway we can. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



Community ModeratorNeilO
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Re: Someone cancelled my contract and BT does nothing about it

Hi Mariakensington.


To me this sounds a bit fishy, did you contact EE as well to discuss who created the order and when?  Have you recently subscribed to EE?


I think i can understand that if you did move from one subscriver to another you would want that move to be smooth as possible however this is a problem as you did not asked to be moved.


I think a full investigation on both sides is needed, Neil the Forum Mod will defo be able to help!

CG Over An Out
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Re: Someone cancelled my contract and BT does nothing about it

I am on a line with BT now and they basically keep telling me it's not their fault.
Now I set up a new account with BT a week ago 26th August on the phone and I received a letter informing me about direct debit settingup. I have just found out that this account has been terminated on 1st September.
What the hell is going on in BT.
No one can help me to have my land back. I actually have the line of EE at my home not even on my name.
No one is interested in helping to sort this issue. I talked to so many people that it is not funny and I need to tell the story everyone over and over again. I feel like I am losing my mind.
I am afraid this is it. I am going somewhere else.

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Re: Someone cancelled my contract and BT does nothing about it

I am currently having the same issue as you, I received the letter and cancelled the  take over but it happened anyway!!


They have cancelled my bill but  I am , fighting for compensation now

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Re: Someone cancelled my contract and BT does nothing about it

You are unlikely to get a reply on this thread as it is now 2 years old
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Re: Someone cancelled my contract and BT does nothing about it

Wow and then when one wants to genuinely leave they won't let you . It sounds like one of your neighbors may of got an ee account and used your door number by mistake
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Re: Someone cancelled my contract and BT does nothing about it

Let this board know how you get on. I'm waiting to do the same.

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Re: Someone cancelled my contract and BT does nothing about it


This thread is now three years old. Try starting your own thread on this board, as you are unlikely to get a reply here.

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