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Telephone out of order for nearly three weeks

Telephone reported out of order on 9/11/15.  Fault tracing page said (and STILL says) estimated fault repaired by 12/11/15.  Have made repeated reports and complaints to fault tracking system.  Call centre in India immensely polite but unable to affect the issue.   

First said that problem was under road and permission was being sought to work in road.  Checks with Somerset CC revealed that no application had been received.  Then we were informed that Openreach would be working to resolve the fault in the road on 25 and 26 November.  Unable to check on 25 November, we did find traffic lights operating at 5pm on 26 but returned to find that they had been removed by 9pm.  Fault still not rectified.  On same day found engineer in our lane awaiting arrival of a hydraulic lift to check junction box on pole near high voltage cable.  No longer there at 5 pm but at 9pm found a hydraulic lift vehicle parked up in village, presumably overnight.  No change to phone this morning (27 November).  Complaints promise an update on morning of 30 November.  An update, mind you - no suggestion that the problem will be resolved by three weeks after originally being reported.

My questions are:

a.  How can BT be content with a customer being cut off for three weeks? 


b.  Does anybody know of a way to circumvent the conversations with India and get direct to Openreach?  India can trace what is happening but seemingly neither they nor BT in general are able to affect whether Openreach takes any action.  I feel sorry for India having to repeat the rubbish they are being fed.



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Re: Telephone out of order for nearly three weeks

Openreach will only talk to Service Providers like BT Retail, Sky, TalkTalk etc.


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Re: Telephone out of order for nearly three weeks

Hi rvbaje,


Welcome to the community forum and thanks for your post!


Sorry that your services have developed a fault and for length of time it's taking to repair.  You can get in touch with us and we'll check what's causing the hold up and get back to you.


Click on my username and under the "about me" section you'll see our contact link.





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Re: Telephone out of order for nearly three weeks

a. It makes no difference if BT are content or not.  In practice there's nothing they can do if Openreach take weeks to fix a fault.  They can't go elsewhere because Openreach has the monopoly on phone lines.


b. No, because Openreach won't want to talk to you.  They will only deal with BT.  The only exception is if they want to talk to you about something (not the other way round).