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Terminate internet connection scam

My wife received acall today and it was an automated message saying connection would be terminated, she hung but went back on and pressed 1471 to get the number however the call in had not disconnected and swhen she pressed 1 it took her to another message so she hung up. Anyone got any idea what if any consequences there are by pressing the 1 button???

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Re: Terminate internet connection scam

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I suspect you would be asked to install some software, so they could access your computer. It also would confirm that there is a real person on your phone number, and your number would be passed on to other scammers, and you would get no peace, so do not do it.


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Re: Terminate internet connection scam

It sort of shows how 'professional' these scamming 'call centres' are and the advanced technology they have to hand, same as in legit call centres , it costs money to have service centre reps actually call the numbers , obviously lots will just ring out (no answer) some will get number unobtainable, some will get 'this number doesn't accept anonymous calls' only a few will be answered , and even fewer will listen to the customer services rep's waffle, so how efficient would it be to get a 'computer' to make all the calls , and only the calls that are answered and 'press 1' are put through to a customer representative....these scam company's have the same technology.....pressing 1 on its own only tells the calling computer to put the call through to a representative ( so no worry about reverse charging) , but as others have already said, it probably marks your number as one for them to return to ( because you ,1.answered and 2.pressed  the key they asked you to press ) , so unfortunately you may have made your number slightly more likely to be pestered by this and other scammer type company's...if it becomes an issue you may be able to set at a network level with your provider a bar on these type of calls, or buy a 'true call' type phone that can stop the calls getting through

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Re: Terminate internet connection scam

I have just received exactly the same call, but when I did 1471, it said the call had come from 01489835646. 


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Re: Terminate internet connection scam

I have had them as well just hang up and use call blocker on the number, sadly these scammers have the knowledge to use a UK landline but be from overseas, how I don't quite understand, but told from BT they will never phone you unless pre arranged.

Throw a spanner in the works and ask then for the last two numbers of your account and  the line will go dead at once.

P.S never give any account or landline number to them.....needless to say.

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