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Re: The Recurring Problem (Crackly Phone Line)


Well put Sir I have had the same problem BT Openreach have been out 3 or four times in 2-3 months. I am 146M away from the exchange and have had loads of issues including Battery Contact Faults! They have put me on a different copper cable (pair) and replaced the BT Master socket from a Openreach socket. The next time they came it was for same problem Local Network Battery Contact Fault and the Engineer again changed the socket for a filtered BT Openreach socket. They have now had the cheek to send me a bill for £130.00 for attending...



If there was no problem with the Cable and socket why did they change the Master Socket?


Sorry this has turned into a rant but I am fed up of this unnecessary nonsense.


If BT in India do a line check with NO equipment plugged in and it gives them a fault surely the fault is between the exchange, cable or Master Socket (All of which I have been told by Engineers and BT India are BTs property and responsibility.


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Re: The Recurring Problem (Crackly Phone Line)

was this problem ever resolved?
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Re: The Recurring Problem (Crackly Phone Line)

well i had phone problem for last 2 years had people out look at it but tbh there all thick as **bleep** and this last time i got charge cause hes saying there was no fault so that night tryed make call well 5 mins into call u coulsnt hear other person at all tottal **bleep** well not paying charge and also been see solicitor i had it with bt and there **bleep** saying i got no fault and trying charge me lol we see who gets chage cause i still got fault at mo and about 12 people heard it so im now taking legal action not 130 quid solicitor  says we got good case aswell cause others heard fault online plus 2 years with this fault i pay my money all bills onlime and still get treated like **bleep** and not only that theres people paying same money in country and there getting alott more megs just because its city surly if all pay same we should get same sevice mines only 5 meg well for about 5 mines off day then its prob 3 for rest tottal **bleep** tbh needs sorting out now 

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Re: The Recurring Problem (Crackly Phone Line)

bumping an old thread I know, but got home last night to the infamous crackling line & dropping broadband. Glad i googled it this morning and found you guys with the same problem.


What's odd is that it's out of the blue. not wet, not windy, a little colder but nothing extreme. All was good up to about 1pm yesteday then all of a sudden, crackly line.


Engineer coming tomorrow ......... do i hold my breath? 🙂



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Re: The Recurring Problem (Crackly Phone Line)

jonrarit I had this problem occurring every 6 to 9 months for many years. Every time the engineer found corrosion in the joint box where the underground line came into the house. The last time, about 2 years ago, I had a very good engineer who replaced the junction box and I have had no problems since then - so there is hope!!

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